Heft - Wholesale Welding Center started its activity in 1996 as a civil partnership. In 2001 the civil partnership was transformed into a general partnership. The founder was Grzegorz Świderski.

The company's management consists of:
President: Grzegorz Świderski
Vice President: Ewa Świderska

The basic profile of the company's activity has been and is supplying the company with materials and the welding industry. The company’s activity was based on cooperation with renowned domestic producers, Baildon electrodes (now - ESAB concern), SPAWMET (now Lincoln) producers of welding products - OZAS, BESTER, producers of gas equipment - PERUN, POMET, producer of abrasives - ANDRE, manufacturer of health and safety equipment - BIELSIN.

Over time, we expaneded our offer by entering into cooperation with foreign producers: ESAB, LINCOLN-BESTER, BÖHLER THYSSEN WELDING Group, HYUNDAI, GCE, NEDERMAN.

We started to supply key Polish enterprises from such industries as: production of steel structures , energy, petrochemical and related industries.

Since December 2005, we have been authorized to provide warranty service for welding equipment manufactured by ESAB-OZAS and LINCOLN-BESTER.
Our offer is systematically expanded with new products, which contributes to strengthening HEFT's position on the domestic welding market. For several years we have been a direct importer of welding materials.

The dynamic development of our company begins with the opening of a branch in Toruń in 2003.

For over 25 years, we have been perceived by our suppliers and recipients as a reliable business partner, which is one of the main distributors of welding materials and equipment in Poland. We have a key place among Polish wholesalers when it comes to selling products in the welding industry, and thanks to the professional and competent optimism of our employees, we can keep the future in mind.
Currently, our company has our reliable team of employees who provide you with professional and service.

Let our motto: RELIABILITY, QUALITY, WARRANTY provide you with good equipment for your partner.

We are a family company with over 25 years of experience in the market!

Thanking everyone for the cooperation so far
Grzegorz Świderski, President of the Management Board

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